Gary Nolan

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Gary Nolan
Personal Details
Birth: 1954
Occupation: Radio talk show host
Party: Libertarian Party
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Gary Nolan (b. 1954) was a candidate for the Libertarian Party's 2004 presidential nomination, is a radio talk show host, and Chairman of the Board for DownsizeDC.

A longtime proponent of small government, Nolan publicly renounced his membership in the Republican Party on the air in January 1999, inspired by recurring guest Harry Browne.

In 2002 he stepped down from active broadcasting due to FEC rules to run. He ran an active, visible campaign with a heavy media presence and was leading in most polls and won all ten Libertarian state primaries. He spent much of his focus on appealing to voters outside of the party as part of his post-convention strategy.

At the 2004 Libertarian National Convention, Nolan was edged out on the second ballot by a very thin margin following a first ballot that was essentially a three-way tie, and the nomination went to Michael Badnarik after Nolan threw his support to Badnarik instead of Aaron Russo. As convention chair Geoff Neale said in response to a question on the floor, "We don't hold coronations."

Gary Nolan has continued to be active both in politics and radio, chairing DownsizeDC and hosting a nationally syndicated radio program from KSSZ in Fayette, Missouri.

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