James Beau Thouvenel

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James "Beau" Thouvenel
Thouvenel-James-Beau 2021.png
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
Predecessor: Kevin Hobbie
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
Predecessor: Kevin Hobbie
Successor: Kalon Wiggins
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
At Large Representative
Personal Details
Residence: Oklahoma
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: @BeauThouvenel Twitter

James "Beau" Thouvenel is the current Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party. Appointed in 2020 as the first At Large Representative for the State, Beau ran for and won the Vice-Chair seat at the March 2021 OKLP State Convention. He was selected by unanimous approval of the State Executive Committee to serve as Chair on 6 June 2021, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Kevin Hobbie.