James Walter Clifton

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The Rev. Dr. James Walter Clifton
Former Village Trustee

Addison, Michigan
City Council

March 22, 1988—March 20, 1990
Personal Details
Birth: (1951-08-25) August 25, 1951 (age 72)
Heidelberg, Germany
Education: 1974 - 2007? BS, MDiv., M.T.S., M.S., Th.M., PhD, D.Min., Doctor of Arts
Military: United States Army - - Journalist and Public Information
Occupation: Universalist/Unitarian and Congregationalist minister, Psychotherapist, Community Health Specialist, Paralegal, and Locksmith
Residence: Millersburg, Indiana
Party: Independent
Facebook: Facebook

The Rev. Dr. James Walter Clifton became the first Libertarian to win a partisan election in the State of Michigan when he outpolled both Democrats and Republicans to win a seat on the City Council (Trustee).[1] Two Republicans were elected along with Clifton. Prior to the election, Clifton, Pastor of the Village's United Church of Christ, was serving as Trustee having been appointed to fill a vacancy. Clifton also served on the Village Planning Commission.

During the campaign, Clifton ran on a platform of property rights, limited government, and lower taxes. He promised to immediately resign if he didn't respond to a constituent's concerns within 48 hours of being contacted. Clifton stated he believed he won as a Libertarian because of having been known in the community and having demonstrated common sense and reason while serving in the two previously mentioned appointed positions.


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