Jared Hall

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Jared Hall
Jared hall.jpg
Jared Looking Into Your Soul
Political Director, Libertarian Party of Indiana
Personal Details
Birth: June 17 ?
Death: Eventually
Pigeon Cove, MA
Education: Smart
Residence: Indiana
Party: Libertarian
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Homeless guy? Nope. That dude from high school trying to sell you his band's EP? Maybe. A stranger who approaches you to tell you about his guinea pigs? You bet!

Jared Hall (Hared Jall) moved from Nebraska to join the Libertarian Party of Indiana Staff. All history prior to moving to Indiana is lesser since Nebraska is not as great of a state as Indiana. Yeilding the power of the beard, Jared Hall asserts his dominance through social media by perfecting the art of the troll. Jared is very outspoken about issues he feels are important. Some of his greatest hits include "Local Man Upset About Bus", and "Lights Are Broke, Y U NO Fix?"

During the 2016 Election, Jared served as the Nebraska Johnson-Weld State Co-Director. They earned 4.61% of the vote in the general election. SUCK IT JILL STEIN! In his free time Jared, or Jarde as often referred to, he enjoys the finer things in life like bourbon and the correct use of the oxford comma. Jared is very outspoken. That's about it.

Just prior to the second sitting of the National Convention 2020, he was elected as Region 3 Alternate representative. On August 3, 2020, Jared was blocked by the Chinese Embassy on Twitter. This confirms he is a CIA plant. It is unclear if he believes that the birds work for the Bourgeois. According to his Twitter Bio, Jared "does stuff."

Serious Stuff... Jared loves plants. Jared has worked tirelessly to help ease restrictions for midwifery and birth choice practices in the states he has resided. He likes to say "no" to Evan McMahon. Also goes by Jarde.

Jared is married to his lovely wife, Kim and they have an amazing family together. His children are brilliantly talented and in all seriousness, amazing kids. Jared constantly brags on his children, as he should, because he is one proud dad! This section is not a troll. He legit has an amazing family and works very hard for them.