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Josh Hlavka
Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of Florida
Libertarian Party of Florida
Predecessor: Steven Nekhaila
Personal Details
Birth: January 22, 1990
Franklinville, New Jersey
Education: BA, Liberal Arts, Hofstra University
Occupation: Manager
Residence: Hallandale Beach, Florida
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
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Josh Hlavka is a prominent libertarian activist known for his significant roles within the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) and his bid for public office in Broward County, Florida.

Political Involvement

Hlavka's political journey began when he joined the Libertarian Party in 2010. Since then, he has held multiple leadership roles:

Libertarian Party of Florida Leadership

Hlavka currently holds the esteemed position of Chair of the LPF. This election followed his dedicated service as Vice Chair. His tenure has been punctuated by effective organizational capabilities and a knack for out-of-the-box thinking, assets that have empowered the LPF to navigate challenges inherent to smaller political entities in a dynamic political environment.

Former LPF Chair Steven Nekhaila recognized Hlavka's unwavering dedication, lauding his expertise in conducting meetings, orchestrating seamless organizational efforts, and exemplifying a staunch commitment to liberty. As a testament to his esteem for Hlavka, Nekhaila endorsed him for the chairmanship of the LPF, highlighting his experience, forward-thinking vision, and drive.

Beyond the state leadership, Hlavka serves as a Precinct Rep for the Libertarian Party of Broward County Executive Committee and has an influential role on the national Libertarian Party Credentials Committee, for which he is the interim chair.

Advocacy and Non-Profit Involvement

Hlavka's commitment to the ideals of freedom, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty extends beyond the political arena. He has lent his expertise to several non-profit boards that champion these principles, emphasizing fiscal prudence, the sanctity of personal freedoms, and property rights.

Candidacy for Broward County House District 105

In 2023, Hlavka took the plunge into electoral politics, contending for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives, representing House District 105, which covers southern Broward County. In this Democrat-stronghold, Hlavka, a political newcomer, took on incumbent Rep. Marie Woodson, who eyed her third term.

Driven by a belief that District 105 needed broader political representation, Hlavka's campaign focused on tax reductions, broadening school choice, slashing property insurance rates, and eliminating the gas tax. As a beacon of limited government, he underscored his readiness to foster bipartisan dialogue.

His candidature symbolized a milestone for the Libertarian Party of Florida, as, if elected, he would have been the sole representative of the party in the state legislature.

Personal Life

Hlavka is a married father of one and resides in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Born and educated in New York, he graduated with a Liberal Arts degree from Hofstra University. For over a decade, Hlavka has honed his skills in customer service and management, serving in both the retail and transportation sectors.

Seeking better job advancement opportunities and a more affordable lifestyle, Hlavka relocated to Florida in March of 2016. By August of 2022, he settled in Hallandale Beach, where he has since been deeply embedded in the local community, living and working in and around District 105.

In his free time, Hlavka indulges in live pro sports, beach outings with his family, and exploring the natural beauty of the Sunshine State.

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