Kari Bittner

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Kari Bittner
Libertarian Party of New York
May 2019—Incumbent
At-Large Committee Member
Libertarian Party of New York
October 8, 2018—May 4, 2019
Campaign Manager
Larry Sharpe for Governor
October 18, 2018—November 6, 2018
Predecessor: Brian Waddell
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Kari Bittner is a Libertarian Party activist. She is Vice-Chair of the Free Libertarian Party, Inc., having been elected in 2019. She was previously an At-Large, having been elected on October 8, 2018, filling a vacancy as a result of the resignation of Susan Overeem. She is the founder and first Chair of the Ontario County Libertarian Committee. Bittner is also leading a massive Libertarian Party enrollment drive.

Political campaigns

Larry Sharpe gubernatorial campaign, 2018

Bittner coordinated social media and events for the Sharpe campaign, before succeeding Brian Waddell as campaign manager in October 2018.

Organizational positions

Libertarian Party of New York
  • Vice-Chair (May 4, 2019—present)
  • At-Large Committee Member (October 2018—May 4, 2019)
Ontario County Libertarian Committee
  • Chair (July 9, 2019—May 21, 2020)