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Less Antman
Personal Details
Occupation: Personal Financial Advisor
Party: Libertarian Party

Less Antman is a radical libertarian who has written many essays about minarchist/anarcho-capitalist tensions in the party.[1][2]


Antman is a Certified Public Accountant, personal financial planner and owner of the Simply Rich website,[3] as well as the libertarian web site Anarchy Without Bombs.[4] He is also a contributor to Last Free Voice. Like most libertarians, Less Antman has rewritten his personal history so that he can claim to have been one since birth. He remembers being impressed as a youngster with the philosopher Lao Tzu who, in the Taoist classic Tao Te Ching, stated that the ideal ruler for China would be one who sat quietly doing absolutely nothing. He joined the Libertarian Party in 1978 and, over the next 5 years, was an activist, financial contributor, campaign brochure writer, publisher of the state newsletter Caliber, speech writer, and 2-time candidate. His campaign in 1982 for state treasurer received 167,207 votes, the most in a partisan race by any Libertarian candidate in the nation, and earned the LP permanent ballot status in California. In 1983, he won the Karl Bray Award for Libertarian Activism. Then, he decided to get a life. He remained a member of the party, but devoted his activist time to writing and persuading outside the LP. He returned in 2008 at the insistence of his market anarchist wife, Diane, who hopes someday to be first lady of a government that is funded by an annual Labor Day Telethon.


He formerly operated his own CPA review program in the state of California, under the name Antman CPA Review, located in Arcadia,California. He has taught more than 5,000 totally live CPA review classes, more than any other CPA review instructor in the United States, and his written materials have been used in several different instructor-based CPA review programs. He currently owns and operates SimplyRich, a comprehensive fee-only financial advisory and asset management firm.

Skillful Libertarian Propagandizing

He is a master at spinning libertarian ideas to sound positive and unselfish, e.g.:[5]

Q: Don't you believe we need a social safety net?

A: Absolutely, that's why I oppose government welfare programs. They divert the natural compassion we all have into programs that provide less than 25% of their budgets to the intended targets, set neighbor against neighbor, and destroy the social relationships that depend on mutual respect. Before government welfare programs, we had mutual aid societies and charitable associations throughout America that provided essentials such as disability protection and medical care to people in need: government intervention destroyed the social safety net.

Q: Why do you object to the minimum wage?

A: The minimum wage is, and has always been, zero, and criminalizing the employment of people below a certain number increases the number of people making zero.

Political Campaigns

  • 1982 - California State Treasurer[6]