List of Used and Potential Code Names

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A handy list of code names and (mostly) Libertarian Party street names to code name projects/scripts/et c after. Please link whichever one you use so that others will know it's been taken, and maybe make at least an article stub about it.

Alderney Road Marin County LP c 2005
Alma School Road AZ LP c 2020
Barbur Boulevard OR LP c 2009
Bethel Road WA LP c 2021
Big Beaver LP MI c 2011
Birch Street LP of Orange County c 2020
Brentwood Street Colorado LP c 2004
Busch Boulevard OH LP c 2018, Franklin County LP c 2020
Camden Street LP ME c 2010
Camelback Road AZ LP
Capitola Road Santa Cruz LP c 2005
Cherokee Street Colorado Liberty c 1983
Chestnut Street Utica Area LP c 1991
East Chestnut Street LP MA c 2006
Claudia Drive LP Contra Costa County c 2011
Colfax Avenue Colorado Libertarian Newsletter c 1977
Colonial Parkway IL LP c 1993
Congress Avenue TX LP c 2015
County Line Road MS LP c 2005
Dearborn Street ID LP c 2009
Dimond Boulevard AK LP c 2006
Duke Street LPNews/LNC c 2020
Elim Street PA LP c 1974
Farmington Road OR LP c 2005
Foothill Boulevard LP Contra Costa County c 2020
Fowler Street Lee County LP in Florida
Frederick Street LP of San Franciso c 2015
Greenhouse Marketplace California Libertarian News c 1991
Guadalupe Street LP TX c 2010 Python framework for turning spreadsheets into HTML-based resource kits
Highland Avenue AL LP c 2010
Hillandale Road NC LP c 2005
Hillside Circle UT LP c 2019
Holly Street Colorado CLiPboacd/Colorado Liberty c 1985 Jekyll web theme used by Libertarian Statue Press
Hooksett Road LP NH c 2021
Hunter Lane FL LP c 2019
Hutton Ranch Road MT LP c 2018
JonesStreet NE LP c 2010
JoRoadan Road CO LP c 2009
Katy Freeway LPNews/LNC c 1985
Keawe Street HI LP c 2005
Ken Caryl Avenue CO LP
Kerney Street LPNews/LNC c 1975
Kimberly Ann Drive RI LP c 2010
King Street Marin County LP c 2016
Lafayette Street Free Libertarian Party c 1982
Lake City Way WA LP c 2009
Lewelling Boulevard California Libertarian News c 1992
Liholiho Street HI LP c 2011
Lowell Boulevard LPNews/COLP/LNC c 1972
East Market Street IN LP c 2005
Market Street LP of San Francisto c 2001
Masch Branch Road Denton County LP c 2005) Drupal 7 theme used by SIGLIB PAC
Mayborn Convention center for LPTexas 2014 convention Lightweight online survey tool written in PHP
Morse Road OH LP c 2005
Mt Sinai-Coram Road NY LP c 1989
Myrtle Avenue CA LP c 2017
Northern Boulevard Long Island 2016 convention
Nuuanu Avenue HI LP c 2009
Page Street LA LP c 2015
Patterson Avenue FL LP c 2022
Peachtree Street GA LP c 2000
Pennsylvania Avenue LPNews/LNC c 1988
Piedmont Road GA LP c 2000
Post Road RI LP c 2017
Race Street Henry County Indiana
Ray Road AZ LP c 2005
Raymond Avenue MN LP c 2005
Red Cedar Drive San Diego County LP c 2011
Reynolds Road OK LP c 2018
Rio Rancho Boulevard LP NM c 2005
South State Street UT LP c 2017
Sunrise Highway NY LP c 1996
Tampa Road FL LP c 2016
Taylor Street California Libertarian News c 1987
The Alameda California Libertarian News c 1988
Tiller Lane OH LP c 2009
Titus Street CA LP c 2005
Two Notch Road SC LP c 2017
Ulumaika Street HI LP c 2012
Union Avenue TN LP c 2018
Union Deposit Road PA LP c 2015
Via Da Vinci NY LP c 1999
Virginia Ave LPNews/LNC c 1996
Walerga Road Sacramento County LP c 2011
War Memorial Drive IL LP c 2005
Wilshire Boulevard California Libertarian News c 1985
Wilson Boulevard VA LP c 2005
Wisconsin Avenue LPNews/LNC c 1980
Wolf Road NY LP 1979 convention
Wyoming (script) Boulevard LP NM c 2017 Spreadsheet to wiki page script