Matthew Hess

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Matthew Hess
Communications Director
Libertarian Party of Colorado
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: Nathan Grabau
Personal Details
Education: University of Southern Indiana
Occupation: Systems Administrator, Engineer
Residence: Lakewood, Colorado
Party: Libertarian
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Matthew Hess is an engineer and systems administrator from Lakewood, Colorado. He was the Communications Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado in 2014.


Matthew Hess is a Libertarian figure in Colorado occasionally running for office and always putting the rights of the individual first. He is a former Gubernatorial candidate in 2014, former Communications Director for the LPCO, and former volunteer with another legislative rating organization. His professional career spans over 22 years involved in technology, scaling systems, and high-performance computing. In 2014, Hess was the Libertarian Party of Colorado's candidate for governor.


2014 Colorado Gubernatorial Campaign


2014 Colorado Gubernatorial Election
Party Candidate/Running Mate Percent Votes
Democratic John Hickenlooper/Joseph Garcia 49.3% 1,066,433
Republican Bob Beauprez/Jill Repella 45.95% 938,195
Libertarian Matthew Hess/Brandon Young 1.94% 39,590
Green Harry Hempy 1.34% 27,391
Independent Mike Dunafon/Robin Roberts 1.18% 24,042
Independent Paul Fiorino/Charles Whitley 0.29% 5,923