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Mike ter Maat
Mike ter Maat.jpg
ter Maat in October 2023
Personal Details
Birth: June 6, 1961
Portland, Oregon
Education: BS in Aeronautical Engineering and MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and MS and PhD degrees in Economics from The George Washington University
Occupation: Former police officer, economist, economics professor, substitute teacher
Residence: Kinsale, Virginia
Party: Libertarian Party
Website: https://miketermaat.com
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram
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Mike ter Maat is a 2024 Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. Previously, he campaigned in 2021-22 as the Libertarian Party candidate in the January special Congressional election in Florida’s District 20.

Early Career

ter Maat’s initial career centered around finance and economics. He worked with commercial banks, notably as a commercial loan officer. Furthermore, he served as a financial economist at the White House Office of Management and Budget and extended his expertise as a consulting economist to three other federal and international agencies specializing in economic development.

Between 1992 and 2002, ter Maat became a prominent advocate in Washington for free-market principles within the financial services industry. In 2002, recognizing a niche, he launched a professional education business geared towards bank executives. This enterprise offered services like conferences, webcasting, and strategic consulting and remained active until 2009.

Law Enforcement Career

From 2010 to 2021, ter Maat served as a police officer in Broward County, Florida. During this period, he was stationed in Hallandale Beach for a part of his tenure, including several years as a field training officer. As a registered Libertarian during his tenure on the force, ter Maat gained a first-hand perspective on the need for transformative police reform and the mechanisms by which it can be achieved.


ter Maat holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, having completed his Bachelor's degree in 1982 and his MBA in Management in 1983. He further pursued his academic interests at The George Washington University, securing an MS in Economics in 1989 and a PhD in Economics in 1991.[1]

Personal Life

ter Maat currently resides in Kinsale, Virginia. He is a well-traveled individual, having visited thirty-five countries. Passionate about education, ter Maat has taught economics at three universities and substituted at numerous Broward public schools. On a personal front, he is married and has two kids and two stepdaughters. His family also includes two dogs. Outside of his professional and political pursuits, ter Maat enjoys spending time with his family and travels in his truck.

Political Issues

Border Wall & Immigration

ter Maat visited the border crossing at Naco, Arizona to understand the intricate challenges stemming from America’s existing immigration policies. He engaged with local Arizonans, libertarians, and law enforcement experts to gain comprehensive insights into the issue.

Crime, Poverty, and Criminal Justice Reform

ter Maat is deeply concerned about the prevailing issues of poverty, crime, segregation, and fear within the American society. As someone who has served in the police force, he underscores the need for substantial reforms within the criminal justice system to ensure fair treatment for all Americans.

Medical Freedom

ter Maat advocates for the separation of science and state, emphasizing the rights of Americans to bodily autonomy and informed consent. He believes that these bedrock principles of medical freedom have been eroded due to excessive government intervention in economic and health sectors.

End The FED

ter Maat has been vocal about the potential of electronic cash and its capability to disrupt the government monopoly on currency production. He referenced a 1999 article from Spectrum, highlighting the emergence of e-cash as a formidable alternative.


ter Maat ter Maat is often recognized as an Austrian-School Economist and a Pro-Reform Police Officer. His commitment to the Libertarian Party's values, combined with his diverse professional experiences, renders him a unique candidate in the political arena.