Nathan Slusher

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Nathan Slusher
Nathan Slusher.jpg
Nathan and his wife Adriana at the 2022 Golden Liberty Gala at Brevard Zoo.
Libertarian Party of Brevard County
Personal Details
Education: Brevard Community College
Occupation: Owner at NRAYS
Residence: Titusville, Florida
Party: Libertarian
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Nathan Slusher is a Libertarian candidate for Brevard County Commission, District 1 (2024) and the current Chair of Libertarian Party of Brevard County. Slusher is a small business owner in North Brevard and an advocate for the people of North Brevard. The owner of NRAYS LLC, Slusher has spent countless hours in homes of Brevard residents doing repairs and taking care of our community. Ensuring that each person is properly taken care of that comes across his path. NRAYS has been in business for 5 years and serviced over a thousand homes in Brevard. His devotion to keeping properties, owners, and tenants taken care of during the pandemic, is what lead to his eventual involvement in local politics.


A local advocate for government transparency, Slusher has spent two years attending local municipality meetings and informing the public of what is occurring in the local governments. Slusher is a regular speaker at Titusville City Council and Brevard County Commission standing against government overreach and fighting for the citizens against unnecessary increases in taxation. Believing in being a provider of solutions and not just complaints, Slusher has provided multiple ideas to Titusville City Council to reduce local taxes while still properly funding the city. He has also provided opportunities for the city to initiate self-funded programs reducing maintenance costs, encouraging agriculture, and reducing homelessness in the City of Titusville.

On top of supporting small businesses, Slusher's other top focuses will be working to create a plan to remove property taxes while still funding the county, and defending all the rights of Brevard County citizens from any government that wishes to overreach.

Personal Life

Slusher is the husband of Adriana Slusher and father of five amazing children in North Brevard. While his children do their schooling at home and his wife handles their education, Slusher spends any free time he has building his vegetable gardens and growing food and flowers. He is a big supporter of urban and suburban agriculture projects and likes to see natural growth and food growth brought back into the city.

Organizational Positions

In January of 2021 Slusher was elected to the Director at Large position of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County, in January of 2022 he was elected to the Chair position of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County and in January of 2023 he was recently re-elected to serve at that position.

On His 2024 Campaign

"Why am I running for this position? Because I believe the citizens of Brevard need someone willing to stand with them, not in front of them, and not over them. I want to ensure the citizens’ voices are heard and their thoughts are discussed. I want to bring my people skills that have made me successful over the years and apply them to a position that doesn’t often get known for how well the citizens are handled. Every person that comes to the county commission and speaks should leave feeling accomplished and heard. Even if the commission doesn’t agree with them or chooses to vote against them. How the government handles the citizens and their concerns is not only important, but in my opinion, is one of the most important things every day. “

“One of my biggest concerns is supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses in North Brevard. Its common for big companies to be in the news because of a deal they made with a government. How often do you hear about barbershops, or landscape companies, or restaurants getting that same support? How often does our county teach people what is needed to open a business in Brevard? I would be willing to work with Brevard Public Schools to teach our next generation what is needed to support themselves and start up a business. I believe small business is the life force of this country and our leadership should be focused on utilizing that abundant resource to reduce costs to the county. I want to see a county where the small businesses take on the big guys. That’s a future that’s bright for all of us.”