Richard Prawdzienski

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Richard Prawdzienski
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
c 2001—c 2001
Predecessor: Robert Murphy
Successor: Chris Powell
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Richard Prawdzienski is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma. In 2000 he finished third in the LP primary for Corporation Commission. After the OKLP lost ballot access following the 2000 election, he ran several times for different offices as an Independent. Despite the fact that the OKLP regained ballot access in 2016 Prawdzienski ran that year as an Independent for State House. In 2018 with three Libertarians competing in a primary to be the first OKLP nominee for Governor in the state, Prawdzienski contributed $1000 to the campaign of a Democrat running for Governor.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
  • Chair (c 2001)