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Robert "Bob" Louis Schlotman III
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Personal Details
Birth: September 5, 1944
Death: August 13, 2023(2023-08-13) (aged 78)
Residence: Deland
Party: Libertarian Party (formerly), Republican Party (later)
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Robert "Bob" Louis Schlotman III (September 5, 1944 – August 13, 2023) was a former libertarian activist in Deland, Florida.

Journey to Libertarianism

Schlotman joined the Libertarian Party of Florida on April 6, 2016. During his membership, he served as a Regional Representative for the party, as well as serving as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Volusia County. Additionally, Schlotman played a crucial role on the LPF Audit Committee. On May 31, 2022, Schlotman switched his party affiliation back to the Republican Party.

Personal Life

Beyond his political involvement and activism, Schlotman was recognized for his musical talents. He shared a deep connection with Sandra Noetzel, with whom he spent 18 years of his life. Their relationship was marked by cherished memories, including Schlotman serenading Sandra with heartfelt songs like "Are You Lonesome Tonight." Despite his declining health, Schlotman's resilience and affectionate nature remained steadfast.


Schlotman's legacy endures through his impact on both politics and music. His commitment to libertarian principles and his contributions to the Libertarian Party of Florida left an indelible mark. Rickey Dickens, expressed, "Bob was a fine man and a gentleman always," encapsulating the sentiment shared by many who were fortunate to cross paths with him.

In his later years, Schlotman resided in an assisted living facility for approximately 15 months until his presumed passing in August 2023.