Roger MacBride

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Roger MacBride
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Personal Details
Birth: August 6, 1927
Death: March 5, 1995(1995-03-05) (aged 67)
Education: Princeton University
Harvard University
Occupation: television producer, lawyer
Party: Republican (prior to 1972, 1983-1995)
Libertarian (1972-1983)
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Roger L. MacBride (August 6, 1927March 5, 1995) was the adopted grandson and protegee of libertarian writer Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the "Little House on the Prairie" series of books. In 1972, as a "faithless" Republican elector from Virginia, he cast his electoral college vote for the Libertarian Party's first national ticket of John Hospers and Tonie Nathan, also becoming the first person in US history to cast an electoral college vote for a woman. In 1976, he was selected as the Libertarian presidential candidate, with David Bergland as his running mate.

In 1983, MacBride rejoined the Republican Party, and became a major benefactor of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a group of libertarians working within the Republican Party. In 1994, he was elected chair of the RLC, and helped launch the Congressional Liberty Caucus, a group of self-proclaimed libertarians in the House of Representatives. MacBride died in 1995 at the age of 67. He was inducted into the Hall of Liberty posthumously in 2012.

Campaign Staff

Press secretary: C. Ronald Kimberling

State-Level "MacBride for President committees - Staffers and volunteers

IA: Iowa MacBride for President committee - Dale Roewe: Treasurer/fundraiser

Election results

1976 United States Presidential election
Party Name/Running Mate Electoral Votes Percent Votes
Democratic Jimmy Carter / Walter Mondale 297 50.08% 40,831,881
Republican Gerald Ford / Bob Dole 240 48.01% 39,148,634
Independent Eugene McCarthy / various 0 0.91% 744,763
Libertarian Roger MacBride / David Bergland 0 0.21% 173,819
American Independent Lester Maddox / William Dyke 0 0.21% 170,373
American Thomas Anderson / Rufus Shackelford 0 0.19% 158,724
Socialist Workers Peter Camejo / Willie Mae Reid 0 0.11% 90,986
Communist Gus Hall / Jarvis Tyner 0 0.07% 58,709
People's Margaret Wright / Benjamin Spock 0 0.06% 49,016
US Labor Lyndon LaRouche / R. Wayne Evans 0 0.05% 40,018
Various All Others 0 0.09% 75,119

Preceded by:
John Hospers
Libertarian Party Presidential candidate
Succeeded by:
Ed Clark