Ross Lynn Leone

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Ross Lynn Leone, Jr.
Ross Lynn Leone.jpg
Personal Details
Birth: September 8, 1946
Houston, Texas
Death: March 1, 2023(2023-03-01) (aged 76)
Education: BS Business and Marketing from Louisiana State University (1968)
Occupation: Public Relations Officer at the IRS
Residence: Texas
Party: Libertarian Party

Ross Lynn Leone Jr. (September 8, 1946 - March 1, 2023), more commonly known as Lynn, was born in Houston, Texas to Ross Sr. and Helen (Zwernemann). He graduated from Spring Branch High School in 1964 and later pursued a Bachelors of Science in Business and Marketing from Louisiana State University, graduating in 1968. He ran for office several times as a Libertarian.


Leone worked for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for nearly four decades. He held the position of Public Relations Officer, acting as an intermediary between the agency and the public. While he believed the IRS to be unconstitutional, Leone was dedicated to assisting individuals in navigating its bureaucracy and complexity, holding a vision for a simpler tax system or even its potential disbandment.

Political and Community Involvement

Throughout his life, Leone was an active member of numerous community, charity, historical, and political organizations. Among these, he held a particular fondness for the National Rail Historical Society, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Military Order of the Stars and Bars, and Libertarian Party. He was a staunch advocate for personal rights, private property, and the U.S. Constitution. In the last decade of his life, Leone ran as a Libertarian candidate in various elections.

Personal Interests

Leone was an ardent chess player. He held the rank of grandmaster in United States Postal Chess and was on the verge of achieving the Master title in the United States Chess Federation. He was certified at the federation's highest level as a Tournament Director and Coach.

His love for history was profound. Leone maintained an extensive library of history books and took a personal interest in genealogical research, tracing back the lineage of his family and friends to their earliest American immigrant ancestors. Those who engaged in conversations with him often walked away with newfound knowledge.


Above all, Leone was a devoted father. He cherished moments spent with his children, taking them on numerous vacations and adventures that provided more learning than any formal education could offer. In his final days, he relished his time with his grandson, Ross IV, often expressing optimism about the young boy's promising future. Leone is preceded in death by his parents, Ross Sr. and Helen. He leaves behind three children, Ross III, Robert, and Terilyn, and three grandchildren, Maeve, Ross IV, and Lillith.