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Stephanie Berlin
Stephanie Berlin headshot.jpg
Libertarian Party of Texas
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Laura Coker-Garcia
Libertarian Party of Texas
Predecessor: Gary Johnson
Successor: Anastasia Wilford
Personal Details
Birth: October 22, 1980
Midland, TX
Education: Texas A&M
Occupation: Learning and Development Manager
Residence: San Antonio, TX
Party: Libertarian Party
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Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram
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Stephanie Berlin served as the Aggie Libertarians Vice-President (1999-2000) and President (2000 - 2003) until she graduated from Texas A&M. She also served as the Libertarian Party of Texas Secretary from 2000 - 2004 and again from 2020-2022 and ran for the US House of Representatives in 2008. In addition, she ran for the State Board of Education in 2020. She is currently a candidate for HD 122 covering San Antonio, TX.

She has a long history of judicial activism including promoting jury nullification, participating in pending lawsuits for ballot access, and working with FIJA.

She joined the Libertarian party in 1995 and volunteered on her first presidential campaign with Harry Browne and Jo Jorgenson.

She currently lives in San Antonio, TX with her daughter and dog.


  • She believes in a consistent life ethic wherein all life has value.
  • She supports complete gun rights and ownership without the intrusion of the government.
  • She is an ardent supporter of ensuring that liberty exists for all including the LGBTQI+ population.
  • She is a strong believer that Civil Asset Forfeiture is a human rights violation.
  • She strongly supports police reform and the removal of qualified immunity.


  • Outright Libertarians
  • Classic Liberal Caucus

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