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Tracy Ahn Ryan
Libertarian Party of Hawaii
Personal Details
Birth: December 16th, 1955
New York
Death: January 19, 2023(2023-01-19) (aged 67)
Education: University of Hawaii, Psychology
Occupation: Accountant
Residence: Hawaii
Party: Libertarian Party

Tracy Ahn Ryan (December 16th, 1955 - January 19, 2023) was a dedicated libertarian activist who played a significant role in advocating for the rights of sex workers, drug legalization, and the transgender community in Hawaii. She served as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii and was a delegate at the 2018 National Convention.

Early Life, Education, Career

Born in New York and raised in Centerbrook and Old Saybrook, Connecticut, she later moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii, where she earned her degree in psychology. Tracy worked as an accountant for the firm of Gerald Ushijima.

Advocacy and Contributions

After transitioning, Ryan dedicated her life to advocating for the Hawaii transgender community. One of her early initiatives was co-founding Crysalis, a program that supported trans youth, and serving on the board of directors of Kulia Na Mamo, a nonprofit that provided health, education, cultural, and social services for the trans community. Additionally, she founded and served as the president of Harm Reduction Hawaii, an organization that focused on promoting harm reduction strategies and advocating for the decriminalization of sex work through legislation and community education.

Ryan was an active member of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii, serving as its chair for over 25 years. She also attended the 2018 National Convention as a delegate for the Libertarian Party of Hawaii, where she held the position of delegation chair.

A Strong and Compassionate Advocate

Ryan was known for her unyielding dedication to the causes she believed in, particularly in advocating for "liberal" social justice issues. Despite her serious and determined demeanor, she possessed a sense of humor, and her dry wit left a lasting impression on those who knew her.

She channeled her considerable skills and knowledge into advocating for sex workers in Hawaii. Ryan wrote legislation, supported the decriminalization of sex work, and actively challenged the prevailing narratives surrounding the industry by questioning the accuracy of certain academic research. Moreover, she was instrumental in bringing mainland experts to Hawaii to provide valuable insights into the issue.


Ryan's legacy is one of passionate dedication to her principles, her community, and her causes. She invested her time, energy, and financial resources to support the rights and welfare of sex workers, the transgender community, and other marginalized groups. Ryan's work in harm reduction and the promotion of sensible drug policies left a lasting impact on the state of Hawaii.

Sadly, Ryan passed away unexpectedly on January 19, 2023, before the opening of the Hawaii State Legislature. Her absence is deeply felt, but her advocacy and efforts continue to inspire those who shared her vision of a more just and compassionate society.

Ryan is survived by two sisters, Deborah Dunsmore and Karen Dalaba, along with four nieces, Deborah Jane Cooper, Christalynn Dalaba, Angelique Dalaba, and Janette Dalaba, and a nephew, Alan Ryan Cooper.

Host Keli'i Akina speaks with Tracy Ryan (Chair, Libertarian Party of Hawaii), and Tom Berg (Libertarian candidate for the 41st congressional district) about the philosophy/beliefs of the Libertarian Party and how it might be applied to challenges facing Hawaii.