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Travis Hallman
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Personal Details
Party: Libertarian
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Travis Franklin Hallman (born 27 November 1990 in Foley, Alabama) went to public school in Baldwin county, Alabama. His most fond childhood memories were on the red clay baseball fields.

Hallman earned three very different degrees after completing high school. First, Hallman learned expert mixology techniques at ABC bartending school. Secondly, Hallman earned honors status with an internationally recognized school in dog training (Animal Behavior College). Lastly, Hallman received credentials from PetTech to instruct hands-on pet CPR & first-aid classes.

Hallman engaged in the political arena during the radical 2016 presidential election. Hallman was eager to engage due to the discovery of Governor Gary Johnson because he had never known there were more than Republican and Democrat options. Hallman boldly decided to fully support the political party that most closely aligned with his political preferences.

Hallman created three unique and impacting memes supporting Gary Johnson in August of 2016. There was one Facebook fan page that posted the memes after Hallman sent the memes to many Facebook fan pages. The page was named “Debate A Gary Johnson Supporter.” Hallman quickly and proudly messaged the Facebook fan page to offer gratitude and more support.

Hallman met John Keck via Facebook messenger on August 28th of 2016 to join the “Debate A Gary Johnson Supporter” Facebook fan page. Hallman began working one-on-one with John Keck to maintain the functions of the Facebook fan page, establish new necessary functions, and promote the Facebook fan page. Quickly Hallman realized the scope of this project was well-beyond the abilities of two individuals.

Hallman recognized individuals are very different and his paradigm of libertarianism and the libertarian party were newborn. He quickly began developing a team of leaders and a team of members for the Facebook fan page. Hallman decided a team of leaders would be helpful steering the direction of the page because his insight was still limited and having a leadership team with equal votes could democratically direct the page in its best direction. Hallman also realized the impossibility of hands-on leading each function of the Facebook fan page due to the overwhelming time it would consume. Hallman gave incentive to members to join the leadership team by offering the opportunity to vote on the direction of the page in exchange for leading a function of the Facebook fan page. Each team leader has one equal vote (including the votes by Hallman). Voting empowers the leaders to express their individuality in an impacting way and allows for the unexperienced libertarians (such as Hallman) to remain silent on complex decisions.

Soon thereafter John Keck bequeathed the Facebook fan page to Hallman. Hallman and the leaders soon voted to change the Facebook fan page name to “Ask A Gary Johnson Supporter.” The leaders voted again on November 9th of 2016 (the day after the presidential election) to change the Facebook fan page name to “Ask A Libertarian.” One year later Hallman had proudly organized a team of leaders (five individuals), a team of members (forty+ individuals from around the world), and over 25,000 followers. “Ask A Libertarian” Facebook fan page was the fastest growing libertarian facebook page of 2017.

“If Your Only Tool Is a Hammer Then Every Problem Looks Like a Nail” -Abraham Maslow

Hallman recognizes we are all different tools in the shed of strengthening freedom. He wants the libertarian party to embrace our similarities and differences just like the team at the “Ask A Libertarian” Facebook fan page. Let Hallman be a beacon of diversity within oneself and an example of embracing diversity in others.

Favorite original quotes by Travis Hallman: “Life without liberty is like life without Mexican food!”

“I am a libertarian because I care equally for the low class, mid class, and high class; the minorities and majorities; the fortunate and the unfortunate.”