Art Olivier

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Art Olivier
Bellflower, California
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Art Olivier, formerly mayor of Bellflower, California, was the Libertarian candidate for Vice President in the United States presidential election in 2000.

Art Olivier is the former Mayor of Bellflower, a Los Angeles suburb with 70,000 residents. During his five years on the City Council (1994-99), Olivier privatized the city's tree trimming, crossing guards, street sweeping and the Building Department and eliminated the city's lighting tax assessment. Olivier, 46, is a Realtor with Cogburn-Olivier Realty. He is married and has four children.

Olivier won the Libertarian Vice Presidential nomination in 2000. He campaigned on reducing the size of the Federal government to its Constitutional limits. In his speeches, Olivier warned that it was not a question of if America would suffer a major terrorist attack because of our intervention in foreign affairs, but when we would be hit.

Preceded by:
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Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate
Succeeded by:
Richard Campagna
Preceded by:
Ned Roscoe
Ken Hamidi
Jack Hickey
Libertarian Party California Gubernatorial Nominee
Succeeded by:
Dale Ogden