Fred Nezami

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Fred Nezami
Personal Details
Party: Republican

Fred Nezami, formal name Seyed Fardin Nezami, is a liberty activist and registered Republican from Queens, New York in the New York City area. He formerly served as a campaign manager for Usman Ali Chohan's 2016 State Assembly campaign.

His campaign experience also includes:

  1. 2017's New York City Mayoral campaign, working for GOP candidate Nicole Malliotakis
  2. 2018's New York State Gubernatorial campaign, working for Libertarian Larry Sharpe

A former member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County he is a close friend from high school with Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla and Usman Ali Chohan. They all worked together in 2016's New York State Assembly race for Chohan, who was the youngest GOP candidate in recorded history for the district and the youngest assembly candidate for the GOP's ticket in the state for that year.