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Larry Sharpe
Region 8 Alternate Representative
Libertarian National Committee
with Patrick McKnight, Region 8 Regional Representative
Predecessor: Unknown
Personal Details
Birth: (1968-07-12) July 12, 1968 (age 55)
Manhattan, New York, USA
Education: University of Maryland
Military: United States Marine Corps
Occupation: Business consultant
Residence: New York City, New York
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
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Larry Sharpe (born July 12, 1968) is an American business consultant and political activist. He was a Libertarian candidate for Vice-President in 2016. He is founder and Managing Director at NeoSage.[1][2] In 2018, he ran for Governor of New York, and received over 90,000 votes, securing ballot access for the Libertarian Party of New York for the first time.

He is a founding member of the Libertarian Party of Queens County.

Early Life and Career

Sharpe was born in Manhattan, New York as an only child. His birth parents gave him up for adoption, and he was adopted when he was only a few weeks old. His adopted mother was a German immigrant who worked as a clerk and a waitress. His adopted father was a serviceman, a Policeman, and later a Corrections Officer, who died of cancer when Sharpe was a pre-teen. Sharpe joined the Marines at 17 to find positive male role-models.

Sharpe eventually decided to start a business, but it had a mediocre start, so he sold it. Sharpe bounced back with another business that took off, but was devastated in the financial crisis of 2007-2008. He decided that he would try again, and he has built an organization that has helped many other organizations.[3]

Sharpe is a veteran.[1]. He attended the University of Maryland where he received a bachelor's degree in anthropology.[2] He became an English teacher and in 2001 he started Prime Distribution Inc. and later sold it. In 2004, he founded Neo-Sage, where he is currently Managing Director.[4]

Political History and Views

Sharpe first became interested in the Libertarian Party during Gary Johnson's 2012 Presidential campaign. He became a member of the Libertarian Party of New York. In 2014, he volunteered for Michael McDermott's campaign for Governor, serving as a driver and debate coach (along with Phil Ricci) for the gubernatorial debate held in Buffalo. He has used videos and social media to promote Libertarian ideas.[1] Sharpe worked on Johnson's Our America PAC before deciding to run for the Vice-Presidential nomination.[5]

Sharpe believes that US laws should be simpler and fairer. He is a supporter of free trade, small business, an acceptance of new technology, and bringing the black market into normal business. Sharpe supports criminal justice reform, term limits, and single-issue voting in Congress.[6]

2016 Campaign for Vice President of the United States



2016 Libertarian Party Nomination for Vice-President of the United States 1st Ballot (50% of Delegates needed to win)
Name Votes Percent
William Weld 426 49.022%
Larry Sharpe 264 30.280%
Will Coley 93 10.702%
Derrick Grayson 48 5.524%
Alicia Dearn 29 3.337%
NOTA (write-in) 6 0.690%
Daniel Hogan (write-in) 1 0.115%
Gary Johnson (write-in) 1 0.115%
Austin Petersen (write-in) 1 0.115%

No candidate received a majority of delegate votes on the first ballot, leading to the next round of voting. Alicia Dearn was eliminated from the 2nd ballot, and endorsed Bill Weld. Will Coley and Derrick Grayson withdrew from the race and endorsed Larry Sharpe.[8]

2016 Libertarian Party Nomination for Vice-President of the United States 2nd Ballot (50% of Delegates needed to win)
Name Votes Percent
William Weld 441 50.573%
Larry Sharpe 409 46.904%
NOTA (write-in) 12 1.376%
Derrick Grayson (withdrew) 9 1.032%
Mark Stewart (write-in) 1 0.115%

2018 Campaign for Governor of New York

Sharpe considered running for the Libertarian Party nomination for Governor of New York in 2018.[9][10] On July 12, 2017, he made the official announcement that he will be running for Governor of New York in 2018. On April 24 2018, Sharpe nominated Andrew Hollister, who was confirmed by the Libertarian Party of New York at the 2018 Libertarian Party of New York Convention to be his running mate for Lieutenant Governor.[11]




2018 New York Gubernatorial Election [15]
Party/Parties Candidate/Running Mate Percent Votes
Working Families, Independence Party, Women's Equality
Andrew Cuomo/Katy Hochul 59.62% 3,635,340
Conservative, Reform
Marc Molinaro/Jullie Killian 36.21% 2,207,602
Green Howie Hawkins/Jia Lee 1.70% 103,946
Libertarian Larry Sharpe/Andrew Hollister 1.56% 95,033
Serve America Movement Stephanie Miner/Michael Volpe 0.91% 55,441

2020 Campaign for Vice President of the United States

On April 13 2020, Larry Sharpe was announced as Jim Gray's running mate in the 2020 Presidential election.[16]

After Jim Gray was eliminated from the 2nd ballot, Sharpe withdrew from the race for Vice-President.

2022 Campaign for Governor of New York

Sharpe was nominated as the LPNY's candidate for Governor in 2022.

Sharpe has received the endorsement of Andrew Yang's Forward Party and Unite NY. This means that he would appear on three lines in the 2022 ballot.


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