Libertarian Party of Boulder County

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Boulder County Libertarian Party
General Information
Jurisdiction: Boulder County, Colorado
Status: Active
Chair: Bo Shaffer
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The Boulder County Libertarian Party is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

Executive Committee

Past Officials, Staff, and Other Contacts

Earl Allen, publicity (c. 2010)
Ron Bain , chair (1999-2000), publicity director (c. 2001)
Kevin Bloom, chair (1991-1992)
Chris Bogart, chair (1996-1997), secretary (c. 1995)
Isaac Davenport, outreach director (2002?-2003?)
Jon Ford, secretary (2001-2003?)
Larry Gibes, newsletter editor (c. 1995)
Dwight Harding, campaigns director (2001-2003?)
Kristen Hoyer, outreach (c. 2007)
Cooper Jager, treasurer (c. 1995)
Joe Johnson, chair (2001-2002)
Ken Kirkmeyer, chair (1997-1999)
Eva Kosinski, newsletter editor (2003?-2005?, c. 2010), chair (c. 2007)
Dan Kuntz, outreach (c. 2010)
Howard Lambert, chair (1992-1993), membership coordinator (c. 1995)
Derik Lane, secretary (c. 2007)
John Larkin, newsletter editor (c. 2001), publicity director (c. 2001), outreach director (c.2002)
Randy Luallin, membershup (2007?-2010?)
Quentin McKenna, membership (c. 2010)
Dan Ong, publicity director (c. 2004), campaigns (c. 2010)
Tom Parker, membership director (2001?-2002?, 2003?-2004?), acting outreach director (c. 2003)
Mike Russell, chair (1992)
Bo Shaffer, chair (2002-2006?)
Ralph Shnelvar, chair (2010?-)
Paul Tiger, publicity director (c. 2003)
Ron Thomas, secretary (2010?-)
Dan Underkofler, secretary (2003?-2004?)
Lori Van Buren, chair (2000-2001)
Bruce Waters, secretary (c. 2001)
Kevin Wilkerson, chair (1993-1996)
Greg Woods, newsletter editor (2001-2003?), treasurer (2003?-2010?)
Chuck Wright, treasurer (2001?-2003?)
Chris Yoder, fund-raising director (c. 2003)
Ralph Shnelvar, chair
Diane Dunn, treasurer
Ron Thomas, secretary

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