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  • Governor
  • House of Delegates

New York

  • New York City Mayor
  • Aaron Commey ran on the Libertarian ticket for New York City Mayor. Formerly imprisoned for more than 15 years, he ran on a criminal justice and prison reform platform. He was also nominated by the Manhattan Libertarian Party.
  • New York City Comptroller
  • Alex Merced after running against Senator Charles Schumer for New York's Senate seat in 2016, ran as the Libertarian candidate for City Comptroller.
  • New York City Public Advocate
  • New York City Council
  • Borough President
  • Newly Chartered County Parties

In March 2017, the Queens County LP's former charter was replaced with a new party organization. The Inaugural Chair was Elliot Axelman with his Vice Chair Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla. Larry Sharpe is among it's founding members, as he himself lives in the borough.