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Libertarian Party of Idaho
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General Information
Chartered: 1975
Region: None
Chair: Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm
Vice-Chair: Aaron Mason
Secretary: Dan Karlan
Treasurer: Cathy Smith
Phone: 208-820-1967
Address: PO BOX 2291
Eagle, ID 83616
Website: Website
Social Media
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
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The Libertarian Party of Idaho ("LPID" in party bylaws[1]) is the Idaho affiliate of the Libertarian Party.



The first Libertarian Party activity in Idaho occurred in 1972 when Steve Symms ran for Congress as a Republican and won.

From the March/April 1975 edition of LP News: "Libertarians are well along in the process of establishing a state organization. Fifty persons attended a recent organizational meeting in Boise, at which Roger MacBride spoke. A press conference given by MacBride was attended by all four area TV stations, three radio stations, and the Idaho Statesman. MacBride was also a guest on a news radio station's talk show. Preliminary work for the organizational meeting was coordinated by Allen Dalton with help from Bob Meier. Dalton is the new temporary chairman, James Jones is vice chairman, and Dale Green is secretary. The group is already working on a ballot status drive."

From the May/June 1975 edition of LP News: "The state LP's petition for affiliation is currently pending and the growing party group now has an attractive two-color membership card. The state organization has sent out a mailing to those participating in recent local libertarian educational events. Talks are being given to audiences that range from high school students to working class. The party has released a position paper on the Idaho Power coal-fired power plant proposal. Activity here has been distinguished by two articulate letters to the editor in leading newspapers. These letters explained and clarified the position of the LP to readers."

From the July/August 1975 edition of LP News: "The state LP is continuing its successful campaign of letters to newspapers. Letters in the Boise Idaho Statesman have discussed the LP platform, tax-funded compensation to crime victims, and taxation as theft. Letters in the Nampa Idaho Free Press and the Caldwell News-Tribune discussed the reception given libertarian ideas by the public. The Caldwell paper and the Twin Falls Times-News covered the LP position on a proposal to build a coal-fired power plant. The news stories reported that the LP opposed government franchises to public utilities, called for abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency, and called for holding utilities fully liable for all invasions of person and property via pollution."

From the November/December 1975 edition of LP News: "LPI Chairman Allen Dalton and Vice Chairman James Jerry Jones should be receiving stipends as editorial assistants from the Boise Statesman, given the number of lengthy letters they contribute to that paper. One of the most important figures behind the 1972 election of conservative Steve Symms to the U.S. Congress is becoming disenchanted with Symms' compromises on his previously articulated libertarian principles. Ralph Smeed, writing in a syndicated column in Idaho, claimed Symms has been influenced by 'big corporation lobbyists.' He goes on to commend the LPI for its uncompromising stand against a tax-supported center for the performing arts. Says Smeed, 'Libertarians, too, love art, but not by a compulsory tax.'"


From the January/February 1976 edition of LP News: "The work of D. Allen Dalton and James Jerry Jones in Idaho continues to yield remarkable media coverage. They successfully coordinated Roger MacBride's two-day visit in February. The state LP ballot drive is underway, with the goal of obtaining twice the required 1300 signatures before the May 31 deadline."

From the March/April 1976 edition of LP News: "The ballot drive in this state appears well under control. State Chairperson D. Allen Dalton has until May 31 to get 1500 signatures. The LPI staged a tax protest at the Boise post office on Apr. 15. The Party received publicity for its endorsement of a bill in the state legislature that would guarantee parental control over children’s education. The bill was co-sponsored by libertarian Representative C.L. “Butch” Otter."

From the May/June 1976 edition of LP News: "The ILP has achieved ballot status and plans to run at least 20 candidates for office this year. Kathy Trotter of Utah and ILP leaders Allen Dalton and Larry Fulmer worked overtime to make the ballot drive a success. Dalton continues to receive good coverage from the important Boise Idaho Statesman in which he recently had published an excellent argument in favor of a totally private educational system. The Associated Press sent out an article that appeared throughout the state which featured Bannock County LP Chairman Larry Fullmer's criticism of Republican congressman George Hansen and the two Democrats seeking his seat. Fullmer pointed to their weak civil liberties positions and charged that voters "are left with no meaningful choice." It is expected that an LP candidate for Hansen's congressional seat will be nominated at the July 10 state convention in Pocatello. Roger MacBride is scheduled to speak at the convention. Telephone Allen Dalton at (208) 344-9697."

From the July/August 1976 edition of LP News: "Activity in Idaho has picked up remarkably since the state LP's July 10 state convention. Over 50 attendees met to map out strategy for the upcoming campaign. Roger MacBride has campaigned extensively throughout the state, one where the LP is expected to do rather well. MacBride was the subject of a recent full-page interview and article opposite the editorial page of the influential Idaho State Journal newspaper. Eleven LP candidates have filed for office. They include state chairman Allen Dalton (208/ 344-9697), Pearl McEvoy, Michael McEvoy, Robert Whitney, Lee Fernon, and Price Fernon. MacBride campaigned Aug. 23 and 24 in Pocatello, Boise, Lewiston, Caldwell, and Blackfoot."


From the January/February 1978 edition of LP News: "Indications from Idaho are that organization and activity are increasing, heralded by the renewed publication of a state LP newsletter. For information about the Idaho LP, contact State Chair Larry Fullmer, P.O. Box 4106, Pocatello, Idaho 83201, (208) 232-2306."

From the March/April 1978 edition of LP News: "According to State Chair Larry Fullmer, plans are being formulated to hold the LP State Convention over Memorial Day weekend, and to run at least three candidates this fall in order to maintain LP ballot status. For further information, contact Fullmer at P.O. Box 4106, Pocatello, Idaho 83201, (208) 232-2306."

From the September/October 1978 edition of LP News: "The Idaho LP held its state convention on September 8 and 9 in Pocatello, re-electing Larry Fullmer as Chair and nominating Fullmer, Rodger Stevens, and Peter Hull as candidates for the State Senate. Convention speakers included First Amendment expert Nat Hentoff, LP National Director Chris Hocker and the chairman of the Idaho Tax Limitation Initiative. Much good media coverage was generated. For further information, contact Larry Fullmer at Box 4106, Pocatello, ID 83201 (208) 232-2306."

From the November/December 1978 edition of LP News: "LP State Chair Larry Fullmer took 15.1% of the vote in a three-way race for State Senate from the Pocatello area. Fullmer had expected to run better, but his efforts were damaged by the closeness of the contest between the Democrat, who won narrowly, and the Republican. According to Fullmer, “I knew I was in trouble when many of the people I talked to told me that they’d love to vote for me, but they just couldn’t let one of the other candidates win.” Other LP candidates included Peter Hull, who took over 2% in a State Senate race in Blackfoot, and Rodger Stevens, who polled over 5% in a three-way State Senate race near Pocatello."


From the January/February 1979 edition of LP News: "The Fullmer for State Senate campaign generated considerable favorable media attention for the LP, especially in the Pocatello area, and the party has promised to increase its activities in 1979. Contact State Chair Larry Fullmer at P.O. Box 4106, Pocatello, ID 83201, (208) 232-2306."

From the March/April 1979 edition of LP News: "Members of the Idaho LP participated in the Political Action Workshops in Salt Lake City April 21 and 22. Plans are underway to take advantage of the party’s ballot status. Contact State Chair Larry Fullmer, P.O. Box 2106, Pocatello, ID 83201, (208) 232-2306."




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For historical constitutions see Index of Idaho State Party Constitutions


For historical bylaws see Index of Idaho State Party Bylaws


See: Libertarian Party of Idaho Historical Election Results

Size and Influence

Year Minimum
Of Voters

Total Donors
2004 - 2016
Active Members
1972 - 2003

LNC Donors
State Rank
Of Total LNC
(Of 51)
2020 11,079 1.06% 11,079 1.06%
2019 8,231 0.95%
2018 6,551 1.07% 7,425 0.88% 797 454 80 45.60 39
2017 6,378 0.80% 779 454 68 39.61 42
2016 28,331 3.99% 5,229 0.64% 812 482 92 54.66 41
2015 4,596 0.62% 759 459 52 31.42 42
2014 17,884 4.02% 3,856 0.51% 754 461 54 33.04 43
2013 3,286 0.44% 737 457 67 41.54 40
2012 12,265 1.84% 1,312 0.17% 717 449 76 47.63 39
2011 678 428 66 41.67 42
2010 5,867 1.28% 667 425 73 46.48 40
2009 656 422 64 41.17 41
2008 9,958 1.49% 631 411 77 50.19 39
2007 599 398 66 43.85 40
2006 7,241 1.58% 584 398 47 32.00 41
2005 544 381 73 51.11 39
2004 11,549 1.88% 96 68.98 40
2003 83 60.88 40
2002 86,437 20.75% 142 105.94 36
2001 119 90.15 39
2000 13,635 2.64% 150 115.44 38
1999 147 117.44 38
1998 12,421 3.21% 133 108.05 40
1997 103 85.08 42
1996 5,377 1.06% 93 78.30 40
1995 49 42.06 43
1994 4,687 1.12% 31 27.30 42
1993 21 19.07 46
1992 2,764 0.56% 35 32.82 44
1991 38 36.58 40
1990 6,730 2.05% 41 40.52 37
1989 43 43.24 36
1988 30,472 7.23% 29 29.42 36
1984 7,384 1.75%
1982 668 0.20%
1980 8,425 1.89%
1978 2,041 0.69%
1976 6,671 1.88%

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