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The 2020 National Libertarian Party Platform Committee met beginning February 2020. The LNC had previously appointed Caryn Ann Harlos as interim chair in a close vote between Caryn Ann and Laura Ebke. Chair Nicholas Sarwark cast the deciding vote in favor of Caryn Ann. Due to issues surrounding credentialing and the remote delegates at the National Convention 2020 taking up an entire day, the platform committee proposals were never heard.

Read-Only Discussion List

Public Read-Only Discussion List

Committee Members

Name Appointing Body First Alternate Second Alternate
Matt Cholko Libertarian Party of Virginia
Laura Ebke Libertarian National Committee Richard Longstreth
Richard Fast Libertarian National Committee Richard Longstreth
Jim Fulner Libertarian Party of Michigan Jeff Wood Lisa Gioia
Helen Gilson Libertarian Party of Ohio Jim Cavoli John Fockler
Paul Grindle Libertarian Party of New York Fred Cole
Caryn Ann Harlos Libertarian National Committee
Thomas Knapp Libertarian National Committee Richard Longstreth
Kat Martin Libertarian Party of Colorado Bette Rose Ryan
Randy McGlenn Libertarian Party of Washington Tiffany Diaz DeLeon
Joshua McHoes Alaska Libertarian Party Jon Watts Matthew Maixner
Al Meckely Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Gus Tatlas Luke Ensor
Bennett Morris Libertarian Party of Illinois
Darryl Perry Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Spencer Dias AJ Olding
Omar Recuero Libertarian Party of Florida
Roger Roots Montana Libertarian Party
Brian Slowinski Libertarian Party of Georgia
Aaron Starr Libertarian Party of California Alicia Mattson
Curry Taylor Libertarian Party of Texas Geoff Adams
Duke Van Horn Libertarian National Committee Richard Longstreth

Permanent Chair and Secretary

Laura Ebke, Caryn Ann Harlos, and Omar Receuro were nominated for committee chair. Harlos won with 12 votes. Ebke received 5 votes, and Receuro did not receive any votes for chair but was elected as committee secretary with 8 votes running against Spencer Dias who received 2 votes. Harlos was previously the Platform Committee 2018 committee chair, and her handling of that committee was a large factor in the election. Ebke volunteered to fill in if ever needed which was gratefully accepted.


The committee voted to forgo a mid-term in-person meeting.

Date Video Recording Minutes
February 25, 2020 Video Mintes
March 10, 2020 Video Minutes
March 16, 2020 Video Minutes
April 2, 2020 None Minutes
April 6, 2020 Video Minutes
April 9, 2020 Video Minutes
April 20, 2020 None Minutes
May 17, 2020 None Minutes
June 16, 2020 None Minutes
June 30, 2020 None Minutes
July 8, 2020 None Minutes

Voting Record Spreadsheet

Voting Record Spreadsheet


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