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Caryn Ann Harlos
Caryn-Wayne-Harlos 2019.jpg
Libertarian National Committee
Predecessor: Alicia Mattson
Successor: incumbent
Region 1 Representative
Libertarian National Committee
Predecessor: Norm Olsen
Successor: Richard Longstreth
Communications Director
Libertarian Party of Colorado
Predecessor: Nathan Grabau
Successor: Lance Cayko
Personal Details
Occupation: Paralegal, Author, Activist
Residence: Castle Rock, Colorado
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook
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Caryn Ann Harlos is the current Libertarian Party National Secretary (LNC terms 2018-2020 and 2020-2022) and former Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee. She is also the two-term Chair of the Libertarian Party Preservation Committee, National Convention 2020 Platform Committee Chair, National Convention 2018 Platform Committee Chair, former Communications Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, and former Colorado State Coordinator with the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus. She is also a Life Member of the Libertarian Party. She is married to Wayne Harlos who is the former chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and the current three-term chair of the Libertarian Party of Douglas County which they helped revive in 2014 after over a decade of dormancy.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party
  • National Party Secretary (July 2018-present)
  • National Social Media Team (August 2015-February 2018)
  • Region 1 Representative (May 2016-July 2018)
  • Advertising and Publication Review Committee (May 2016-present)
  • Historical Preservation Committee- Chair (January 2017-present)
  • Candidate Support Committee (August 2017-July 2018)
  • Bylaws and Rules Committee (2018)
  • Platform Committee Chair (2018)
  • Platform Committee Chair (2020)
  • Convention Voting Process Committee (2019-present)
  • Policies and Procedures Committee (2020-present)
  • Convention Oversight Committee (2020-present)
  • Platform Committee (2021-present)
Libertarian Party of Colorado
  • Social Media Chair (January 2015-March 2018)
  • Historical Committee (2016)
  • Standing Rules Committee (2016-2017)
  • Credentialing Committee Chair (2016-2017)
  • Bylaws Committee (October 2016-March 2017)
  • Colorado Convention 2017 Planning Committee- Party Business Subcommittee Chair (2016-2017)
  • Communications Director (January 2016-March 2018)
  • Platform Committee- Chair (2015-2016)
  • Bylaws Committee (2015-2016)
  • Platform Committee- Chair (2016-2017)
  • Bylaws Committee (2016-2017)
  • Policy Manual Committee (August 2017- March 2018)
  • Platform Committee (2017-2018, 2018-2019)
  • Bylaws Committee (2017-2018, 2018-2019)
  • Standing Rules Committee (2018)
  • Platform Committee- Chair (2018-2019)
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee (2018-2019)
  • Convention Oversight Committee - Business Planning Chair - Emergency Ad Hoc Convention Committee Chair (2019)
  • Newsletter Committee Member (2019-2020)
  • Platform Committee Chair (2021)
Libertarian Party of Douglas County
  • Libertarian Party of Colorado Constitution and Bylaws Committee- Douglas County Representative (2017-2018)
  • Libertarian Party of Colorado Constitution and Bylaws Committee- Douglas County Representative (2019-2020)
  • Communications Director (2019-2020)
  • Secretary, 2020-present
  • Libertarian Party of Colorado Platform Committee (2021)
Libertarian Party of Douglas County (Development Group)
  • Bylaws Committee- Chair (October 2016)
Libertarian Party of California
  • Member (2019-2020)
Libertarian Party of Ventura County, California
  • Member (2019-2020)
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
  • Member (2019-2020)
Libertarian Party Radical Caucus
  • Convention Committee (October 2017-2018)
  • Bylaws Committee (October 2017-2018)
  • Platform Committee (October 2017-2018)
  • Branding Committee (October 2016-2018)
  • Colorado State Coordinator (April 2016- August 2017)
  • Platform Committee- Chair (October 2016- May 2017)
  • Bylaws Committee (2016)
  • Platform Committee (October 2015- March 2016)
  • Platform Committee (September 2017-2018)

Once elected as LNC Secretary in 2018, Caryn Ann resigned from the Radical Caucus due to a personal position that no national officers should be members of any caucus. She remains caucus-free with a philosophy of friendships with all, entangling alliance with none.

2016 Gary Johnson Campaign
  • Libertarian Advisory Committee (July 2016- November 2016)

Convention Delegate

National Convention
Libertarian Party of Colorado
Libertarian Party of Douglas County
Libertarian Party of California

Public Office Candidacy

Other Organizations

  • Policy Committee member, Colorado RCV (2020-present)
  • Member, National Association of Parliamentarians (2019-present)
  • Member, Colorado Association of Parliamentarians (2019-present)
  • Member, Colorado Beta Gaveliers, (2020-present)
  • Member, Colorado Beta Gaveliers Bylaws Committee (2020-present)

"Ballot Selfie" Lawsuit

On local TV news coverage of "ballot selfie" lawsuit

In 2016, Caryn Ann and several other defendants sued the Colorado Secretary of State, State Attorney, and Denver Attorney General over a Colorado statute forbidding the disclosure of the contents of one's own ballot.[1] This came in the wake of multiple similar suits, including a successful overturning of a similar law in New Hampshire.[2] View a copy of the Complaint and the Order for Injunctive Relief as well as a copy of the Colorado statute that was overturned.


Caryn Ann is an ideological anarchist/voluntaryist who has become distinguished for presentations on the Dallas Accord and the Statement of Principles. She is also widely known as a pro-life Libertarian having authored "Abortion and the Libertarian Conscience."[3] She is also a pacifist, but this is for religious, rather than political, reasons.

Radical Caucus

Caryn Ann has been a public face for the Radical Caucus and was a key mover in its formal organization prior to the 2016 National Convention. She was its Colorado State Coordinator from 2016-2017. She no longer maintains membership in any caucus believing that Party officers need to steer clear from any appearance of factionalism. She remains active in the community groups for both the Radical Caucus and the Mises Caucus.

Close the Back Door

At the 2018 national convention in New Orleans, Caryn Ann successfully organized an initiative to protect the Statement of Principles.

Notorious Nine

In the time leading up the National Convention 2020, there was a split in the LNC concerning the authority of the LNC to unilaterally set online-only conventions and to declare all delegates (both online and in-person) as credentialled in a hybrid convention due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This split coalesced around an unlikely group of allies that the then-chair Nicholas Sarwark called the "Notorious Nine" (though in reality it was ten people) when critiquing opposition to his points of view on the LNC. While the term was not meant to be flattering, the ten persons took it as a badge of honor as all sides involved felt they were doing the right thing. The Notorious Nine were vindicated by the second sitting of the National Convention 2020 wherein the LNC overreach in usurping the delegates' right to decide whether or not a hybrid convention would be permitted was soundly rebuked. The delegates did approve the hybrid convention but wanted to be clear that it was their decision to make and to make sure no future LNC made the same mistake. Many LNC members on the other side of the issue candidly told Harlos that she was in hindsight right on this issue. Despite a coordinated campaign to unseat the Notorious Nine, the majority of them, including Harlos, were re-elected with the general feeling being that they acted with integrity, even by those who disagreed at the time. Under the new leadership of 2020-2022 chair Joseph Bishop-Henchman that rift was quickly healed.

Convention Appearances

Caryn Ann delivered a historical presentation and/or keynotes [4] on the Statement of Principles and the Dallas Accord at many of these conventions. She has also participated in panel discussions and spoke as national Party membership recruiter.

In her 2018 campaign for LNC Secretary Caryn Ann spoke at the following conventions/events:

In her 2020 campaign for LNC Secretary Caryn Ann attended the following conventions:

Caryn Ann is scheduled to speak at the following 2021 conventions:

Training Seminars

Other Media Appearances and Interviews

  • Politico, May 2016[5]
  • The Washington Post, May 2016[6]
  • Reason "Hit and Run," July 2016[7]
  • Denver Post, August 2016[8]
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  • Scheduled appearance on the Black Side of Liberty with Nikolas Wildstar for September 22, 2020
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  • Godarchy, March 27, 2021 [39]


Libertarian Party Sponsored Appearances

Other Noteworthy Appearances

  • 2016 Nomination Speech for Libertarian Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry (video not available)
  • 2016 Nomination Speech for Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate Will Coly[42]
  • Clip on CNN promo on Libertarian Party[43]
  • Defending Markets at Warm Cookies of the Revolution, December 2016[44]
  • Libertarian Party Snapchat Takeover, January 2018

In 2019, Harlos was deemed noteworthy enough as a woman in politics to have a Wikipedia page and is included as part of the WikiProject Women and Wikiproject Libertarianism.

Video Channels and Podcast

Caryn Ann has two YouTube channels Pink Flame of Liberty, the Cult of RONR The Cult of RONR, and formerly hosted the Big L Podcast.


Caryn Ann also creates tutorials on how to participate in various Libertarian Party activities.

LNC Involvement

In 2015, Caryn Ann was inspired to get involved on a national level after researching and becoming deeply interested in the schism that then existed in Oregon between the Libertarian Party of Oregon and the PAC also calling itself the Libertarian Party of Oregon while not the officially recognized affiliate. She became convinced that the LNC had grossly overstepped its authority and wanted to protect the Libertarian Party of Colorado from ever suffering a similar fate and thus ran and won the race for Region 1 Representative at the National Convention 2016 against incumbent Norm Olsen. She considers bringing the Libertarian Party of Oregon into Region 1 at the end of her term one of her proudest moments of that term and remains fiercely protective of that affiliate and disturbed by what had happened to them. Her commitment to limiting the power of the LNC and fidelity to the Bylaws has remained a constant theme of her LNC involvement.

2016 Run for Region 1 Representative

Caryn Ann ran for Region 1 representative at the National Convention 2016 and won in a close three-way race against incumbent Norm Olsen and fellow challenger M Carling. Steven Nielson won Region 1 Alternate. Caryn Ann's first motion as Region 1 alternate was to preserve and protect LPedia. By the end of this term, the Historical Preservation Committee was set up and the records archive moved to Parker Colorado under her direction.

2017 Appointment to Platform Committee

At the LNC Meeting on April 15017, 2017, Caryn Ann was appointed to the Platform Committee for the 2018 Convention. In the first round of voting there was a 4-way tie between Adam Bates, Aaron Starr, Joe Henchman, and Caryn Ann Harlos. Those four were the only ones included in the second round which then had a tie between Aaron Starr and Caryn Harlos at 9 votes each (and a majority). In round three of voting Aaron Starr and Caryn Ann Harlos each received 8 votes, and Adam Bates received 6 votes. For the next round, the rules were suspended to allow only one vote rather than approval voting. In round four, no one received a majority with Aaron Starr receiving 8 votes, Caryn Ann Harlos receiving 6 votes, and Adam Bates received 3 votes. A motion to suspend the rules to appoint Aaron Starr failed and voting went to another round. In the fifth round, no candidate received a majority with Arron Starr receiving 6 votes, Caryn Ann Harlos receiving 8 votes, and Adam Bates receiving 2 votes. In round 6, Aaron Starr and Caryn Ann Harlos each received 8 votes, and Adam Bates received 1 vote. The rules suspended to have the results determined by a coin flip between Aaron Starr and Caryn Ann Harlos. The minutes describe the results as follows:

Using a New Jersey quarter which Mr. Redpath purportedly obtained from The Sopranos on his last visit, Mr. McKnight conducted the coin toss, and Ms. Harlos called the “New Jersey / tails” side of the coin. Ms. Harlos won the coin toss, thus she was appointed to the fifth position on the Platform Committee, and Mr. Starr was appointed as an alternate.

In February 2018, Caryn Ann and Alicia Mattson both sought the Platform Committee Chair position. The results came in as follow:

Voting for Mattson: Carling, Clift, Craig, DiBenedetto, Mattson, Robson, Van Horn

Voting for Harlos: Cholko, Fulner, Harlos, Knapp, Longstreth, Morris, Nanna, Perry, Rosenbeck, Scheetz, Watts

Express abstentions: Fockler, Miron

With 11 votes out of 18 ballots cast, Caryn Ann Harlos is elected as committee chair, having received a majority vote.

New Jersey has remained very kind to Caryn Ann, overwhelmingly voting for her re-election to LNC Secretary in 2020.

2018 Run for LNC Secretary

On February 28, 2018, Caryn Ann announced her run for LNC Secretary[45] and launched her campaign website in March 2018.[46]. Her campaign is managed by Sarah Daggers. She won against incumbent Alicia Mattson and fellow challenger Jeff Wood on the first ballot with 56.621% of the votes. Caryn Ann's campaign was run with zero negative campaigning and in fact, she was cited by Alicia Mattson in Mattson's campaign materials as someone who called Ms. Mattson "one of the best secretaries" she has ever worked with.

Popular Libertarian evangelist Larry Sharpe endorsed Caryn Ann for this position.

2020 Run for Re-election as LNC Secretary

At the second sitting of the National Convention 2020, Harlos won re-election to LNC Secretary on the first round with 51.80% of the vote again Evan McMahon (46.85%) and Dave Jones (8.31%). However, it is noted that there was a prior motion to suspend the rules for both the Vice-Chair and Secretary race to conduct both by approval voting and in one round only regardless if anyone received a majority. However, both Caryn Ann Harlos and Ken Moellman did win their races with a majority. Harlos credits her win to her dedication to stand up for the delegates who wanted an in-person convention in opposition to then-Chair Nicholas Sarwark as she had a very healthy majority of support from the in-person delegates despite both her and Evan being present in person while she had had only a slight lead with the remote delegates. Harlos believes this is due to misinformation that she did not support any remote attendance, which she did, and voted for it. In fact, less than fifteen delegates opposed remote person when the vote came up on the floor. Like Alicia Mattson last term, Mr. McMahon was a very competent and worthy competitor. Because two entirely different voting methods were used, it is impossible to statistically compare the two races, particularly since so many delegates reported voting for both Harlos and McMahon, and it is unknown who would have been chosen had they been only able to to choose one. In the same way, it is impossible to know what effect that late entrance of Dave Jones had and whether his votes included either Harlos or McMahon or were for him alone. [47] Mr. McMahon accepted her offer to be her unofficial Assistant Secretary, a role that she has been working on making something official and permanent, similar to the Assistant Treasurer. However, his life circumstances changes, and he could not assume that role.

Harlos produced an informational video for her re-election bid:

Notable Other Accomplishments

Caryn Ann is a paralegal with over twenty years of experience. She has also authored a book on Christian eschatology that had been used as a reference work in a class at Liberty University. She has appeared in radio shows and podcasts all over the world on this topic and was a guest lecturer at Appalachian State University. Caryn Ann has been involved in various other non-profit activist and service organizations including volunteering for a teen runaway and suicide hotline, regular head and assistant cook volunteer at Gold Coast Via de Cristo events, and served as Treasurer on the Gold Coast Via de Cristo Secretariat, as well as archivist of its banner collection spanning multiple decades. She has also been involved in street activism no matter where she was on the political spectrum at the time. Also, there *might* have been a double reference to Harlos and Fortnight on a 2018 episode of South Park. Considering the libertarian position of the creators, it is possible.[48]

Professional Memberships

  • NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants) since 1999
  • NAP (National Association of Parliamentarians) since 2019

Past Volunteer Activities

  • Junior Class President, Blanche Ely High School (1984)
  • AM1400 Fill-In Talk Show Host (Approx 1991-1992)
  • Youth Crisis/Suicide hotline counselor with 1-800-Hit-Home (1997-1998)
  • Youth Evangelism Explosion Trainer (approx 2001-2003)
  • Junior Achievement Class Leader (approx 1998-2001)
  • WayFM office volunteer (approx 2004-2005)
  • Treasurer, Gold Coast Via de Cristo (approx 2006)
  • Head and Assistant Cook, Gold Coast Via de Cristo, multiple occasions in the 2000s
  • Speaker on Leadership and Ideals, Gold Coast Via de Cristo, several occasions in the mid-2000s
  • Historic Banner Preservation and Custodian, Gold Coast Via de Cristo (approx 2007-2008)

Autism Advocacy

In May 2019, after some profound life struggles, Caryn Ann was diagnosed with high-functioning ASD (autism spectrum disorder, f/k/a/ Aspberger's Syndrom) which has sparked in interest (of course it has!) in ASD issues in the Libertarian Party and bullying surrounding same. Caryn Ann was also diagnosed as a young adult with Obsessive Compulsion Disorder which she puts to good use for liberty. After the state convention in 2019, she became involved in a group of members expressing dissatisfaction with the then present Colorado leadership. One of her main complaints was what she felt was ableist bigotry and bullying in response to her disclosure of her autism diagnosis. The Libertarian Party of Colorado has made no official comment but it can be assumed they would dispute her assertion. She and Mike Seebeck started an alternative discussion group at Libertarian Party of Colorado Uncensored for LPCO members who believe they were wrongly silenced. She noted that the intention was for the group to be temporary, to be archived when the controversies between the various sides are eventually resolved.

Kratom and Pain Patient Advocacy

Re-Legalize All Drugs

Caryn Ann speaks out regularly on how the "war on opioids" is victimizing pain patients and has been an advocate for kratom.[49]


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