Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee (2015-2016)

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The Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee for 2015—2016.

Chair Ted Brown
Northern Vice-Chair Brian Thiemer
Southern Vice-Chair Jonathan Jaech
Secretary Kevin Duewel
Treasurer Emily Tilford (until January 2016)
Gale Morgan (from January 2016)
At-Large Leon Weinstein (until August 2015)
Jim Hoerricks (until December 2015)
Boomer Shannon
Mark Hinkle
Mike Sertic
Jeff Hewitt
Ray Fosture
Eric Vaughnes
Jason Wu
Jarrett Tilford
Gale Morgan (from August 2015 until January 2016)
David Bowers (from December 2015)
Emily Tilford (after January 2016)
Alternates David Bowers (until December 2015)
Gale Morgan (until August 2015)
Tyler Kuskie (from October 2015)
Steven Blakeman (from January 2016)

There may have been some additional changes during the term that still need to be noted.