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Outline of Events

1998 Libertarian National Convention
The Road to Victory
Dates: 1998
Location: Washington, D.C.
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The 1998 Libertarian National Convention was held in Washington, DC.

July 2 1998 Business Meeting[1]

July 2, 1998 Call to Order and Opening Keynote Speech[2]

Inside Looking Out: Brian Thomas introduces Peter McWilliams, who speaks on medical cannabis[3]

Understanding the Coming Paradigm Shift: David Nolan speaks to delegates[4].

Mr Robert Poole, president of the Reason Foundation moderated a panel discussion by local elected Libertarians[5].

The minutes of the LNC Meeting held the last day of the convention reflects the newly elected LNC[6].

Election of Officers

David Bergland was elected as national chair.

Hugh Butler was elected as Vice-Chair

Steve Givot was elected as Secretary and Mark Tuniewicz as Treasurer.

Remaining LNC:

At Large Representatives:

John Buttrick

Mike Dixon

Jim Lark

Mary Ruwart

Bill Hall

Region Representatives:

Bette Rose Smith (CO), Region 1

Joe Dehn (CA), Region 2

Terry Savage (NV), Region 2

Ken Bisson (IN), Region 3

Chris Spruyt (NC), Region 4

Amy Rule (MD), Region 5

Muni Savyon (MA), Region 6

Bob Franke (IL), Region 7

Geoff Neale (TX) - Region 8

Region Alternates:

Ed Hoch (AK), Region 1

Scott Lieberman (CA), Region 2

Barbara Goushaw (MI), Region 3

Gary Ilardi (FL), Region 4

Jim Turney (VA), Region 5

Ken Lindell (ME), Region 6

Jackie Bradbury (MO), Region 7

Deryl Martin (TN), Region 8


Region 2 Alternate

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