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Michael Seebeck
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Personal Details
Birth: 1973
Education: BA Mathematics and BA Computer Science, Benedictine College; Systems Engineering Certification, Cal Tech
Occupation: Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Husband, Dad, DIY, Dog belly-scratcher
Residence: Fountain, CO (1999-2003, 2011-22; Riverside, CA (2003-11); Union Grove, AL (2023-)
Party: Libertarian
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Twitter: Twitter
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Michael Seebeck is currently a member of the National Party Judicial Committee and of the 2024 Bylaws and Rules Committee as well as a Libertarian activist, candidate, and party leader from Colorado. He is a former Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of California, Lights of Liberty Triathlete (3x), and former Media Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. He has been a candidate twice, and has chaired various committees for the Libertarian Parties of California and Colorado. He is the co-founder of the Libertarian Transparency Caucus and the founder of the Libertarian Tie-Dye Caucus. He has been in the Libertarian Party since 2000, but canvassed his neighborhood for Ron Paul in 1988 while still a sophomore in high school.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party
  • 2008 National Convention - California Delegation
  • 2010 National Convention - California Delegation Whip/Acting Chair
  • 2018 National Convention - Colorado Delegation[1]

- Wrote the current 2.9 Licensing plank, which was passed unanimously without debate or amendment, for the first time in Party history.

  • 2020 National Convention - Colorado Delegation, Head Teller
  • 2018 National Platform Committee - Colorado Alternate & Representative
  • 2022 National Platform Committee - Colorado Representative

- Wrote the amendment to 1.2 Expression and Communication to define speech in itself as not aggression, a NAP violation, or cause for legal action, and that people are responsible for their own reactions to speech. Passed on an up-down voted that precluded debate.

Libertarian Party of California
  • Executive Committee, 2008-10
  • Southern Vice-Chair, 2010-11
  • Bylaws Committee, 2008 (Chair)
  • Style Committee, 2009 (Chair)
  • Legislative/Ballot Issue Analyst, 2003-11
Libertarian Party of Colorado[2]
  • Constitution & Bylaws Committee, 2002-3 (Chair), 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 (Chair), 2018-19 (Chair), 2019-20, 2020-21, Member Submissions 2020-21, 2022-23
  • Style Committee, 2015-16 (Chair), 2016-17 (Chair), 2017-18 (Chair), 2018-19 (Chair), 2019-20 (Chair), 2021-23 (Chair)
  • Platform Committee, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2020-21, 2022-23
  • Standing Rules Committee, 2016-17, 2017-18 (Chair), 2018-19 (Chair), 2019-20, Member Submissions 2020-21, 2021-22 (Chair)
  • Legislative Action Committee, 2001-03 (created, now Legislative Director)
  • Media Director, 2002-03 (now Communications Director)
  • Board of Directors Parliamentarian, 2019, 2021-22
  • 2021 Convention, acting Parliamentarian
  • 2022 Convention, Head Teller
  • 2023 Convention, Parliamentarian
Libertarian Party of Alabama

Coming Soon!

Libertarian Party of El Paso County
  • Outreach Director, 2001-02
  • Media Director, 2002-03
  • Vice-Chair, 2012-13
  • Chair, 2013
Libertarian Party of Riverside County
  • Treasurer, 2003-2007

Other Related Unofficial Party Positions

Other Libertarian Achievements

  • Lights of Liberty Triathlete, 2001 (first in LPCO History) (twice), 2002
  • Festival of Lights parade float, Colorado Springs, 2002 (first and only political party to do it)
  • Defeated LPCA and LPUS Convention Floor Fee impositions, 2005-06 (LPCA), 2010 (LPUS)
  • First to webcast LNC meetings, 2008
  • Successfully defended R. Lee Wrights's improper membership revocation and LNC removal before the LPUS Judicial Committee, 2009
  • Libertarian Party of Colorado Lexington Award winner, 2020
  • Helped to establish the first Libertarian Party of Colorado Judicial Committee, 2021
  • Indirect co-author of 2023 Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico Bylaws (taken mainly from the 2022 LPCO Bylaws, which he and Caryn Ann Harlos were the primary authors).

2019 Campaign for Libertarian Party of Colorado Vice-Chair

On February 17, 2019, Seebeck declared his candidacy for Libertarian Party of Colorado Vice-Chair. He didn't win.


2022 Campaign for Libertarian Party Judicial Committee

On April 25, 2022, Seebeck declared his candidacy for the National Party Judicial Committee. He was elected with 66% of the vote at the 2022 Libertarian National Convention.


Public Office Campaigns

  • Hanover D-28 School Board (2001): 33.32% (4th of 5 for 3 seats); defeated $23M bond/property tax increase; spent $0
  • State House District 21 (2016): 31.29% (2nd); spent $0
  • State House District 21 (2020): 5.3% (3rd); spent $0

Other Positions

Villa Casitas HOA Administrative Assistant 2014-2019 (elected to 4 terms):

  • Assists Treasurer and Secretary
  • Tracked legislation affecting HOA
  • Rewrote HOA Bylaws and Covenants
  • Parliamentarian
  • Kept HOA as libertarian as possible

Radio Host, KVOR, 2001-3

  • Fill-in Host on PM drive-time talk show