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Libertarian Party of New York
General Information
Founded: April 22, 1972
Region: 8
Chair: Andrew Martin Kolstee
Vice-Chair: Duane Whitmer
Rich Purtell
Secretary: Mark Braiman
Treasurer: Cody Anderson
Governing Documents
Bylaws: Amended 11/7/2021
Platform: Adopted 8/25/19
Phone: (866) 336-3120
Address: P.O. Box 13402
Albany, NY 12212
Website: Website
Social Media
Facebook: Facebook

The Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) is an affiliate of the National Libertarian Party. The LPNY was one of the first state parties to organize and run candidates in the United States. It was originally known as the Free Libertarian Party (FLP) to prevent confusion with New York's Liberal Party and it was incorporated as a corporation under the name Free Libertarian Party, Inc. Ed Clark was the temporary chair, who led the the organization of the state affiliate and on April 1, 1973, during the first convention, Andrea Millen Rich was elected first chair. In 2018, Larry Sharpe received over 50,000 votes in his run for Governor, which secured automatic ballot access for the party in New York for the first time in its history.


For the first 45 years of its history, the Libertarian Party of New York held an annual convention to elect five officers (Chair, two Vice Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer) and give At-Large members. These ten members, along with the Immediate Past Chair (if any), plus one representative from each recognized local affiliate, comprised the State Committee]. Business was conducted in quarterly meetings until the early 2000s, when monthly teleconferences became the norm. In years past, the State Committee conducted business through mail ballots, until the advent of the internet. In 1999, business started to be conducted online at Yahoo Groups, which was active for business until the Free Libertarian Party, Inc. corporation was voted to dissolve in November 2019.

The party was led by an Interim State Committee (ISC), which was formed in February 2019 and acknowledged as the successor to the corporation in May 2019. The ISC is made up of 21 appointed members, which are set to serve until the elected State Committee convenes on September 26, 2020.



The Libertarian Party of New York State has held a convention every year since its founding in 1973. Typically, the host chapter would cover the costs and keep the proceeds as a fundraiser. The State Committee would choose the location. In gubernatorial years, conventions are typically held in Albany while in Presidential years, conventions are typically held in New York City. In 2018, the party won ballot access. The structure of the committee had to change, in which the business of the convention actually occurs at an organization meeting of the State Committee, which is to be held according to New York State Election Law.


Addresses and Phone Numbers

  • 1974: 15 West 38th Street, Room 201, New York, New York, 10018, (212)354-0292.
  • Bellport, New York
  • c 2010: Bellport, New York
  • 2015—2018: P.O. Box 98, Hamlin, NY 14464
  • 2018—2019: Batavia, New York
  • 2019—present: P.O. Box 13402, Albany, New York

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Governing Documents



Special Rules and Standing Rules of Order

For historical governing documents see:


Executive Committee

National Convention Delegates


See: Libertarian Party of New York Historical Election Results

Size and Influence


In the beginning of its history, the Free Libertarian Party made provisions in its bylaws to form local/regional Libertarian clubs.

The Libertarian Party of New York current has 32 local affiliates.


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